All Life Is A Work Of Art

The greatest freedom is the freedom of the human spirit. We need to take enough time to just BE.
Stand in sunlight among the trees, and feel in your heart the river of peace. All life is a work of Art.
Patty Ann Smith

Healing With Nature, Time and Patience

Healing with Nature, Time and Patience.
May the Earth always speak to your Spirit.
All you need to know is where your passion lies.

One of the first things each of us has to do in order to improve the health of our planet is to open our hearts up with love for it, and all that inhabit it. Environmentally sound living comes from the heart. Us in balance means recognizing the healing power of Nature and experiencing everything as part of the web of life.

Taking Life for granted is such an easy thing to do,
and such an important thing not to.

I Am A Little Shell

I am a little shell hiding under a fishnet near the rocks, near the sea. No one can find me here. I am still....and protected. As I listen to the calming, peaceful, rhythm of the waves breaking and rolling my tensions away. No one can come into my secret place, my sacred space where I rest and heal.

Part of the billions of years ago
that brought us all to here
right now

"the spirituality of everyday life".

I have seen alcoholism up-close, drug addiction up-close, diabetes up-close and have seen how it can destroy the body until there's nothing left but death. I have seen a father and a brother come back from wars and how they handled the rest of their lives carrying with them what they had to do. I've been a child whose father was away for almost a year at a time, knowing he might never return, and with a faith that only a child could have....give him a little religious medal to carry in his pocket to keep him safe. Believing without seeing is so much easier for children. I have experienced the confusion of children of alcoholic parents and know what it's like to feel abandoned whether a parent is present or not. But, in our worst moments, what we are most likely to hold onto is "something spiritual". Something spiritual to rid us of our addictions, something spiritual to rid us of the pain of our losses hoping to feel better.

Peace, Love and Understanding

The world cannot afford anymore deadly childish games. Wars are not ecologically-friendly and are crimes against the earth and, therefore, would also be crimes against humanity.

Peace Is Our Only Security

Peace and Harmony with
Art, Nature and Cultures
Healing Our Planet and Ourselves

wouldn’t that be somethin’ :)

...join me,.. in reconnecting, with Art, Nature and Cultures and
 I hope you find my music, songs, and spoken audios, in some way, a comfort to you. :)

Art, Nature, and Cultures
Healing Our Planet and Ourselves
Cultures all around the world, have annual festivals and events that have a deep tie back to their origins.

Once there were cornfields kissed by the sun.